1. Passport Size Photo (JPEG/jpg Format Only and Size 50KB)
2. Applicant Pan Card Copy (PDF Only and Size 100KB)
3. Self attested Lease/rent agreement of office and godown/If ownership then proof certificate (Bihar Government 1000 rupees stamp mandatory) (PDF and 100KB)
4. Scaned Copy of (Rs. 1000.00 Online Payment) (100KB)
5. GST Certificate. (*GST is optinal)
6. Authorization Letter of Applicant / Authorized Person
7. Notarized affidavit in which Details of
   A. In last three year company has not punished under FCO 1985 or Essential community act.
   B. Erlier Registration Certificate has not suspended.
   C. Fertilizer registration certificate has not been canceled in any state till one year before making new application.
8. Certificate of Industry Registration of Manufacturer Companies/Industry Aadhaar card.
9.Self attested Copy of Memorandum of Association, if the manufacturer is registered under the Companies Act. according to application if have a partnership/propritership firm then submitted proof certificate
10. Affidavit of nomination of available minimum facility of lab equipment in accordance with the criteria set forth in Section 21A of FCO - 1985 (notarized)
11. Self attested appointment letter of the chemist by the establishment
12. Self attested Qualification certificate of the chemist appointed by the esatablishment
13. Letter of appointment under Section 24 of Fertilizer (Control) Order 1985 by Manufacturers / Pool Handling Agencies. Downlaod Sample Format
14. Self attested copy of NOC issued from Environment Department.
15. Photograph of 18 "x 4" size showing the information on fertilizer packet for all fertilizers separately(One pdf only)
16. Self attested copy of Up-to-date verification certificate of the weighing equipment used in your office/Godown from the Weight and Measurment Department.
17. Government Notified / Government Laboratory Form - Quality Analysis Report issued in J & L
(Note: In the case of the new manufacturer company, the rebate will be given, but within a month of issuing the manufacturing registration letter, the quality analysis report will be available in Form J and L.)
18. Fertilizer production report of last one year.(pdf only) - For Renewal
19. Charecter Certificate (Effected on 01-March-2021) Issue by SP Office
Check List in Hindi--Download- New Manufacture/NPK Licence   Check List in Hindi--Download-Renewal Manufacture/NPK Licence