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Online Licence solution for New/Renewal/Endorsement Seed, Fertilizer, Insecticides & Vermi-Compost

** Seed and Fertilizer licence validity has been extended 2 Years as per letter no. 4081, dated 08.11.2021 and 2640, Date 01.11.2021 .

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Agriculture Department now started taking online applications for seed, pesticide, and compost/fertilizer licenses. The people of Bihar who want to start their seed, pesticide, and fertilizer business can apply online for a license. Previously people must visit the agriculture department office to apply and collect, but now there is an online application process.

  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Insecticides
  • Vermi-Compost

Agriculture is the key to the overall development of the State economy. Agriculture is the backbone of Bihar's economy 77% of workforce and generating nearly 24.84% of the State Domestic Product. The percentage of population employed in agriculture production system in Bihar is estimated to 77%, which s much higher than the national average. Nearly 24.84% of GDP of the state (2011-12) has been from agriculture sector (including forestry and fishing). The state has attained self sufficiency in food grains production. Barring maize and pulses productivity of various farm produce in Bihar is much below the national average. Though the area under cultivation is shrinking, there is tremendous scope for income

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Online Issued Licences

Online issued licences.

SEED 90%
Fertilizer 70%
Insecticide 75%
Vermi-Compost 55%


Online Licences


Applicant apply for State, Division and District seed licence.


Applicant can apply for State and District seed licence


Applicant can apply for State, Division and District seed licence


Applicant can apply for State and District seed licence


Time : Only Official Day 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Vikas Bhawan New Secretariat. Patna- 800015


+91 8789578914 (For Technical Issue)