1. Passport Size Photo (JPEG/jpg Format Only and Size 50KB)
2. Aadhaar Card Copy (One PDF Copy Only and Max Size 100KB)
3. Authorization certificate + GST Certificate (PDF and MAX. size 500KB)
4. Lease / rent / ownership contract (Bihar Government 1000 rupees stamp mandatory) (PDF and MAX. SIZE 1MB)
5. Copy of Challan (Rs 1000 challan) (100KB)
6. Affidavit (Min. Rs. 100.00 Stamp) MAX. SIZE 100KB
7. Licence Copy (Max Size 500 KB)
8. One Year Sale Report (MAX. SIZE 1MB)
9. It will be mandatory to standardize hybrid strains of paddy and maize sold through self-developed/MOU through DNA Finger Printing Lab.
(स्वयं के विकसित/MOU के माध्यम से बिक्री किये जाने वाले धान एवं मक्का के हाइब्रीड प्रभेदों का DNA Finger Printing Lab के माध्यम से Standardization कराना अनिवार्य होगा)
10. Charecter Certificate (Issue by SP Office).-Effected on 01-March-2021
Check List in Hindi--Download